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Yankee Sound is not held liable for any of the following: copyright infringement that exists in your files; lost or defected or damaged audio data or physical media; technological failures or security issues; for mixing and mastering fees, for single songs and albums (no more than 12 tracks, and not a special project, unless otherwise negotiated) Yankee Sound agrees to mix and/or master your audio and you retain the ownership and rights; Yankee Sound can use a short clip of your mastered tracks (unless otherwise negotiated) to demonstrate “client samples” on any of our web or social media pages; you agree to supply Yankee Sound with a picture of the cover art (if applicable) of any single or album which Yankee Sound masters for you, and Yankee sound can display the cover art on our “Discography” page, as well as our Yankee Sound SoundCloud page; Yankee Sound can list your band name in our client list (unless otherwise negotiated); all sales are final and no refunds are given.